The Superconductive Circuit Board

Whaling on the Open Road

A PCB Manufacturer’s Brush with Market Research

Development of Low Temperature PCBs

Understanding PCB Manufacturing: Avoiding File Errors

The Hiring Process - Group Decision Making

The Hiring Process - Conducting Interviews

The Hiring Process - Short Listing the Candidates

The Hiring Process - External Job Posting

The Hiring Process - Short Range Searches

The Hiring Process – A practical guide

UBC and Omni awarded Engage Grant by NSERC

Omni Circuit Boards signs R&D agreement with D-Wave Systems.

Understanding PCB Manufacturing: Panelization

Understanding PCB Manufacturing: Working with Duroid laminates

Understanding PCB Manufacturing: Odd Layer PCB Boards

A Quality Tragedy about a Chicken Dance and a PCB Board

What You Should Know About Immersion White Tin PCB Manufacturing

How to Avoid PCB Board Delays in CAM

Omni PCB boards on the cover of Time magazine

Understanding PCB Manufacturing: Impedance Control

Understanding PCB Manufacturing: Hard Gold Plating

Developments in Aluminum Trace Circuit Boards

How Copper Weight Impacts PCB Board Manufacturing

Printed Circuit Boards and single source strategies

Understanding PCB Manufacturing: Silk-Screening

Custom PCB shapes

Why Omni Circuit Boards Were 1st to Produce an Aluminum Trace PCB

How to Get the Best Printed Circuit Board Quote

Understanding PCB Manufacturing: Electrical Testing

Understanding PCB Manufacturing: Multilayer Assembly

Printed Circuit Boards Supporting Our Future

How to Implement Metrics and Measurements in a Circuit Board Shop

Understanding PCB Manufacturing: CNC Drilling

Why We Are Leaders in Quick Turn Printed Circuit Boards

Is there a need for team building in Printed Circuit Board shops?

How Should You Choose a Printed Circuit Board Prototyping Company?

A Printed Circuit Board Shop Navigates through Social Media Marketing

Printed Circuit Board Design Techniques and Best Practices

Quantum Computer Developer Chooses Omni for Precision Manufacturing

The Impact of Office Moves on PCB Organizations

Having Too Much Fun Working in Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

The value of hazing in a printed circuit board facility

Leadership within and beyond PCB Manufacturing - Part 3 – The Ugly

Leadership within and beyond PCB Manufacturing - Part 2 – The Bad

Leadership within and beyond PCB Manufacturing - Part 1 – The Good

Immersion White Tin – The Red-Headed Stepchild of PCB Finishes

We’ve Got a Problem! – Lessons Learned in Time for Circuit Boards

The Trouble with Music in a PCB or any other Manufacturing Facility

Why business, even PCB Manufacturing can be like A Day at the Races

A view of Asian competition to the West Coast PCB Industry

4 Tips for Saving on Circuit Board Prototyping Costs

4 Circuit Board Design Mistakes to Avoid

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Omni Circuit Boards is an e-sensitive manufacturer of Printed Circuit Boards.

Omni Circuit Boards has been in the printed circuit board fabrication business since 1985. It has been our goal to be as environmentally conscientious as possible.

We are committed to keeping our customers and the future of our children front of mind.

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