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    Omni PCB boards on the cover of Time magazine

    Tue, Apr 01, 2014 @ 10:13 AM Omni Team aluminum trace pcb, printed circuit board manufacturing, pcb board

    So how would you respond to appearing on the cover of Time magazine?

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    We recently received rock star status in our local network of manufacturers by having our PCB boards featured on the cover of the February 17, 2014 issue of Time magazine.

    Okay, it’s not the cover of Rolling Stone and the image is kind of small and fuzzy but still we were pleased. Now to be honest, the issue featured the work of one of our more prestigious customers: D-Wave Systems, Inc. and our circuit boards were only one part of the assembly shown on the cover. But still. Right?

    When we first realized the featured boards could be ours, we looked for confirmation and the conversation went like this:

    P: “Can you let us know if the D-Wave device featured on the February Time magazine cover contains Omni PCBs? My mother always wanted me to be a doctor and this may alleviate some of her disappointment.”
    R: “Yes, Omni boards are on the cover of Time magazine. Your mother should be proud!”

    So what can you do with exposure like this other than trying to find ways to casually slip it into a conversation with family, friends, customers, suppliers, cashiers and busboys? Updating the home page of the website certainly seemed credible. Spamming the information to every email contact we had ever collected just seemed wrong. But perhaps a short blog about our exposure will suffice.

    In some ways, companies who use internet marketing to generate interest to attract new customers are not much different than people selling themselves in a job interview. In this age of internet marketing, we are all looking for ways to set ourselves apart from the worldwide competition. I sometimes wonder if a company shouldn’t have a resume in the same way a person does so a potential customer could ask: What education do you have? What experience do you have? If you could be any kind of tree what kind of tree would you be? Have you ever been featured on the cover of Time magazine? Okay, maybe it’s a stretch but it would certainly help us if we could get people to start asking the question.

    Please don’t be concerned we took this too seriously. There is a black and white photocopy of the cover pinned to the lunch room bulletin board and I have one and only one copy of this edition, on my coffee table, positioned so you can see it when you first come in the door, should you ask if anything is new. But we know the article isn’t about us or our fine-line Al-PCBs but about the amazing work one of our most respected customers is doing.

    To read an excerpt from the article and see a higher quality image of the device you just need to go here.

    Because you cannot see our silkscreened logo clearly in the image on the front cover, our work, along with the CNC machining company and the cable supplier, will largely be anonymous. But I’m certain the mothers of the people who work at those firms are just as proud as ours.

    So how would you respond to having your product presented on the cover of Time magazine?


    Omni Team

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