The Superconductive Circuit Board

    Can FR-4 Printed Circuit Boards operate in very low temperatures?


    The quick short answer is "Yes...,"

    One clarification is needed before addressing this question, though. 

    Originally "FR-#" was only meant as a NEMA designation for base epoxy material that was " F lame  R etardant". Unfortunately, it has become industry standard to call the most common used laminate (woven fibreglass-reinforced epoxy) merely by the name of "FR-4", and in this sense, the designation lost its significance and is now widely understood as a laminate name.

    With that clarification out of the way, we can share with you that our customers have been successfully using "FR-4" (woven fibreglass-reinforced epoxy) at cryogenic temperatures for years and counting.


    Omni's Printed Circuit Al-Trace PCB on the cover of Time magazine