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Omni Circuit Boards is a Global Provider of Printed Circuit Boards.

Omni is a global provider of printed circuit boards with more than 25 years PCB manufacturing and layout services. Our focus is directed by three core principles: 

  1. Customer-driven Innovation
    As one of the premier quick turn and prototyping circuit board facilities, Omni Circuit Boards consistently leads the way with new developments and services. Industry and research organization's reliance on Omni’s capabilities enables them to rapidly develop today's newest technologies. Our ability to provide consistent, dependable results to meet demanding schedules is well known and this could only be achieved by aligning to our customer's needs through constant innovation.
  2. Ethical Responsibility
    We are dedicated to the simple but powerful concept that as an organization, we would like to sleep at night, conscience clear. We sustain this through our uncompromising view that the integrity of the organization is only as solid as the sum of its parts, our team. 
  3. Environmental Stewardship
    Reflecting Omni Circuit Boards' commitment to the environment, we strive to ensure our processes exceed the most stringent North American environmental regulatory standards. Our vision is to help provide our next generation with a world better than the one we inherited.

Omni Circuit Boards was founded as a print shop in 1985 (Omni Graphics) though quickly evolved into a premier Printed Circuit Board manufacturer for prototyping, quick turns and urgent response projects.

Omni maintains a tradition of providing the highest standards of precision engineering, quality control and technical support possible. Omni’s customers are among the most prestigious universities, technology and R&D companies in the world.

Our strength is our team of people whose passion, commitment and experience drives us forward. Our manufacturing facility is dedicated to unyielding customer support and the endless pursuit of lean manufacturing perfection.

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