Design Guide for Aluminum Trace PCBs

Our ISO 9002 standards specify our boards must conform to IPC-A-600 Class 2


Characteristics - 2 Layer Boards

Specifications Plated Through Hole Version Non Plated Through Hole Version
Aluminum thickness 20µm, 22µm
(lower or higher upon request)
Aluminum alloy Pure aluminum AL 3003 H18
Base material type AD1000 - Rogers
4350B - Rogers
P96/P26 - Isola
Electrical testing Very limited, would need to be accounted for during layout design
Lead time 8 weeks standard,
expedite available
3 weeks standard,
expedite available
Material thickness As per base material type offerings from manufacturer 0.009"- 0.031"
Maximum operating temperature
TBD 110° C
Minimum operating temperature Absolute zero
Trace superconducting temperature 1.1 Kelvin 500 milliKelvin
Minimum printed circuit board size 0.10"x 0.10"
Maximum printed circuit board size 12" x 16"
Panelization Options Singles, tab-routed, v-score
Quantity Low to medium volume
Silkscreen colour Black, white or yellow
Silkscreen layer None, top and/or bottom
Solder mask colour Green, white, black, blue or red
Surface finish Aluminum with selective copper
Holes bigger than 0.250" Are routed
Intersecting or overlapping drills Not possible, will be routed
Possible drill sizes 0.012" to 0.250"
Smallest finish hole size 0.010"
Smallest spacing between drilled holes 
(drill edge to drill edge)
(plated through holes)
0.012" to 0.062" Not available
Available routing diameters 0.0315" up to 0.0940"
Plated slots 0.031" to 0.062" Not available
Smallest radius 
(inner corners)
Smallest routed slot width 0.0315"
Solder mask clearance to metal 0.002"
Minimum clearance to unmasked aluminum 0.005"
Smallest distance between lines 0.005"
Smallest lines 0.005"
Smallest text lines 0.006"
Base materials RoHS-compliance Standard
IPC-Standards IPC-A-600 - Class 2, if applicable
Material thickness tolerances Dependent on base material type selected +/-10%
Max. offset drill centre to centre of reference 0.002"
Photolithography registration tolerance 0.005"
Routing tolerance 0.005"
Smallest annular ring 0.020"
Smallest SMD pitch 0.010"
Smallest space width 0.005"
Space width variability +/- 0.002"
Smallest trace width 0.008" (smaller upon request and at a lower yield)
Trace width variability +/- 0.002"
UL-approval Standard Not Standard
V-Score core remaining 0.010"
V-Score position to aluminum features 0.015"