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Superconducting Traces

 Tc = 1 Kelvin


0.005" minimum line/space

0.006" line/space for higher yield

≥ 0.008" for impedance controlled traces

Aluminum Wirebond Pads

 Cryogenically tested


0.010" minimum pitch 

0.012" pitch for higher yield

Future Developments

4 metal layers

Superconductive contact to inner layers

Two-tier bonding pads

Superconducting SMP connectors

Fully SC signal path (no copper)


  1. OMNI produced the world's first etched aluminum/copper bimetal trace PCBs, opening the door for applications needing cryogenic temperatures, superconducting PCBs and chip interconnections using superconducting wirebonds.

  2. OMNI also produces solderable aluminum trace PCBs suitable for aluminum-to-aluminum wire bonding that are used by R&D groups around the globe.

  3. Aluminum-trace PCB's are used in low-temperature engineering, quantum computing, and other leading-edge applications that call for unpackaged chips to be mounted or interconnected to custom PCBs.
  4. Whether your interest is in mono-metal aluminum wedge wire bondable PCBs or low-temperature circuit board applications, we have a solution.

Our Services


Manufacture Aluminum-Trace PCBs

Leading-edge processes and PCBs call for more in-depth conversations. Contact our team at sales(at)


Superconductive/Cryogenic PCBs Prototyping

We provide prototyping services for organizations that need answers, especially for cryogenic and superconducting applications.

Manufacture Copper PCBs

1, 2, 4, 6 & 8 layer copper PCBs.

Specializing in ENIG & Immersion White Tin.


Gerber Generation

Scanned or layed-out from existing artwork or sample boards.