At Omni, nothing is impossible. Prototyping, Short Run, Quick-turn project? No problem.
Prototyping service. For research and product development.
Omni is capable. At the forefront of the PCB industry since 1985.
Omni gets it done. Beating competitor turn-arounds is standard here.

Free Download: Aluminum Trace PCB Case Study (PDF)

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Environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

An unbelievably simple approach to circuit board quoting:

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Step #1: upload PCB art file

Step #2: receive a detailed quote

Step #3: confirm your order

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Need help? We're only a call away at 1-855-798-9717 (Toll Free) during regular business hours (PST). You can also use our contact form.


An unbelievably simple approach to circuit board sourcing:

students hobbyists product design engineers sme buyers owner operators research scientists physicists
Students & Hobbyists Product Design Engineers Manufacturers & Assemblers Research Scientists & Physicists
2 Layer Prototype PCBs 2 Layer Proto Panel PCBs 2 - 8 Layer Quick-Turn PCBs 2 - 4 Layer Al Trace PCBs

2-80 in2 surface area

80-160 in2 surface area

160-2000+ in2 surface area

2-2000 in2 surface area

5 Day Turn
5 Day Turn
3 Day Turn
10 Day Turn


An e-sensitive manufacturer of Printed Circuit Boards.

Omni Circuit Boards has been a leader in pcb prototyping and printed circuit board fabrication since 1985. It has always been our goal to be as environmentally conscientious as possible.

We are committed to keeping our customers and the future of our children front of mind.  

With key personnel who have been with Omni a decade or more we are well equipped to respond to your PCB needs. We believe that Nothing is Impossible.

"Just wanted to let you know that the boards turned out great. Great doing business with you and have a great day." -- Mike Nesbitt


We create PCB solutions for you.

The products we help create range from LED circuit board designs to medical devices to quantum computers and a multitude of applications in-between. We never get tired of spotting our circuit boards in customer’s products. It helps us remember why we innovate, why we focus on the environment and why we make each pcb project to the best of our abilities. It’s because we believe our contribution matters.

Omni’s printed circuit board manufacturing challenges are as wide ranging as the customer base we serve.

Whether you are struggling with technical constraints due to tight electronic circuit board requirements, battling pcb supply or circuit board design timelines, or simply need knowledgeable information about printed circuit boards, turn to Omni.

You provide the circuit board layout design and we construct it. Omni circuit boards can be found in some of the most punishing environments on the planet and in research and development projects which have the capability to change how we work and how we live.


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