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Begin by selecting the service you need. Then provide your files and our team will review your design and complete the basic paperwork for you. Your quote will be provided in short order.

Standard Prototype

Efficient option for small quantities

5-day turnaround
2-Layer designs - E-tested
Secure web-based invoicing


Panel Prototype

Panels for nesting multiple designs

5-day turnaround
2-Layer designs - E-tested
Secure web-based invoicing


Production PCBs

For your proven designs

3-day turnaround
2-14 Layer designs - E-tested
30 day terms with approval

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    We offer an unbelievably simple approach to circuit board sourcing and quoting.

    We are here to support you with innovation on products you create. Ranging from circuit boards for simple LED designs, to complex medical devices, and even quantum computers, we want to help you accomplish your goals in the most responsive manner possible.

    Whether you are struggling with tight tolerances, supply issues, impossible design timelines, or simply need knowledgeable information about printed circuit boards, turn to Omni. We know that printed circuit board manufacturing challenges are as wide ranging as the customer base we support. No board is too large or too small for us.

    Omni's circuit boards can be found in some of the most punishing environments on the planet, in research, and in development projects. We strive to build the circuit board layouts you design that affect how we work and how we live.

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