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Get your Prototype 4 layer PCBs from a shop you’ve grown to trust.

What are the benefits of an Omni 4-layer PCB?

  • 4 layer PCBs can take just 6 days from ordering to shipping out the door
  • All orders are produced using our proven standard processes. The same quality you have come to expect from Omni over more than 30 years is built into these PCBs as well.
  • 1 oz inner copper, .5 + .7 oz outer copper
  • Stackup: 0.014" Prepreg - 0.028" Core - 0.014" Prepreg
  • Top and bottom silkscreen
  • Immersion white tin finish
  • 0.062" thickness
  • All PCBs are e-tested

What are the requirements?

  • In order to provide this service, we need you to supply these 10 files:
    • Top copper, inner 1 copper, inner 2 copper, bottom copper
    • Excellon CNC drill files
    • Top solder mask, bottom soldermask
    • Top Silkscreen, bottom silkscreen (if req'd)
    • Profile layer file
  • All other files are ignored. Please note profiles must be drawn with a continuous line and are routed using a 0.062" diameter router in a single pass.

This means the following are not permitted or provided with this service:

  • Internal cut-outs or slots
  • Panelization or deviations in the stack-up build
  • V-scoring or tabs
  • Blind or buried vias
  • Alternative finishes

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4-Layer Prototype Estimate Calculator

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