There are few things valued as much as fast delivery.

Our standard lead time for prototype 2-layer boards with our Immersion White Tin finish is three days. Our support and production staff are geared to consistently make this happen because we understand delays in product development, sudden inventory discrepancies, un-forecasted demand and research project milestones happen.

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While other Printed Circuit Board Fabricators maintain a five day standard lead-time, your quick-turn requirement is not an event at Omni Circuit Boards. It’s actually a part of our standard operating procedure.

So we don’t need to rush your three day turn and it doesn’t require any special processes or an expeditor. Your order is processed in an orderly process as follows:

Day 1: Order Entry, CAM Files Created, Film Plotting, Drilling
Day 2: PTH, Imaging, Plating, Screening
Day 3: Ident, Finishing, Packaging, Shipping

If you have an urgent requirement for circuit boards in less than our standard lead-times, we are also here to help. Over the years, we have pulled some very large rabbits out of some very small hats for some very grateful customers. If you need your printed circuit boards yesterday, provide your files and approval to us by 10:00 AM and we will have your order ready for shipping or pickup within 48 or even 30 hours.

If time isn't your constraint, we offer discounts for extended turns.

Please give us a call (toll free 855.798.9717) or Send Your File and we will do our best to help.


Standard Turnaround Times

Layers< 900 sq inch900 to 2000 sq inch2000 to 4000 sq inch4000+ sq inch
0 - 2 3 Days 5 Days 10 Days 15 Days
4 - 6 5 Days 10 Days 15 Days 20 Days
8 - 12 10 Days 15 Days 20 Days 20 Days
10 AM (PST) cut-off for non-expedited orders

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