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Aluminum Trace PCB

While no provider can be all things to all people, at Omni Circuit Boards, we believe we have the bases well covered.

Whether you are an Electrical Engineer, a Technology Student or Garage Researcher, you will appreciate our Prototyping services. From the ordering process through to shipping, this service is designed with you in mind.

As a buyer or owner operator of a small to medium enterprise, you know life happens. Time becomes critical when project milestones, inventory discrepancies or an unplanned consumption occurs. We have processes specifically designed to respond to your quick-turn needs.

If you are a purchaser challenged with finding cost effective solutions for large run PCB orders, we can help with offshore sourcing. With our knowledge of the industry, we understand how to match your technology requirements to the right provider to ensure your quality, lead-time and cost requirements are achieved.

Omni Circuit Boards also leads the way with our development of an aluminum trace circuit board. If your research or product development project demands the unique properties a fine line aluminum trace printed circuit board provides, we are here to help.