Omni's Prototype Services

Choosing the right PCB manufacturer can be a make-or-break decision for your project. With that in mind, our popular PCB prototyping services are designed to deliver low-cost, quality prototypes to the electronics industry.

If you already know the service you’re looking for, all you have to do is choose your Estimate Calculator:

If you need more information about the features included in each of our prototype services, here is a quick reference guide you can use.


Omni's prototyping service features and guidelines:


Standard Panel 4-Layer
Standard Day Turn 5 5 10
Expedite Day Available   3 6


Standard Panel 4-Layer
Min board size of 0.50" x 0.50"  
Max board size of 12.0" x 12.0"  
Standard panel size of 8" x 5"    
80 sq in    
2 panels    
Any quantity  
1 and 2 layer service  
SMOBC with Immersion White Tin finish
LPI green solder mask 2 sides
FR4 0.062"thick
White silkscreen on component and solder sides

Drilling / Routing

Standard Panel 4-Layer
Hole sizes down to 0.016"
Hole sizes up to 0.187"
Up to 10 tool sizes
All holes plated
Slot widths down to 0.062"    
Annular rings down to 0.007"
Up to 40 holes per sq inch
Routing of one board per panel


Standard Panel 4-Layer
Outer Layers 0.5 + 0.7 copper
Inner Layers 1 oz    
Traces to 0.007", Spaces to 0.007"
E-Testing - Standard

CAM Design

Standard Panel 4-Layer
Step and repeats of any one design into an array    
An option for Omni to provide extra editing for design changes, such as clipping silkscreen, combining multiple gerber layers etc.    


Standard Panel 4-Layer
Tab routing multi-board arrays of up to 6 boards/panel (requires 0.100" routing clearance between boards)    
Unplated cutouts, slots, non-round holes and holes larger than 0.187  
Panel sizes of either 8"x 10" or 16" x 5"    
An additional 2 panels  
Expediting to 3 days    
Expediting to 6 days    

You Provide

Standard Panel 4-Layer
All error checking
Zipped file with one Gerber file per layer and one drill file
Embedded apertures (RS274X format)
Your creativity
10 AM (PST) cut-off for non-expedited orders


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