Choose the Right Prototyping Service for You

When you require a prototype printed circuit board for a technology concept, an institutional research project or a one-of-kind project, Omni Circuit Boards has a programme tailored to your needs.

To review the features offered by our prototype services, visit our prototyping information.

1) For single design, small quantity or small area requirements, we provide our standard prototype service. Prototype Estimator.

2) For multiple prototype designs nested on panels of 8”x5”, 8”x10”or 16”x5”, we offer our prototype panel service. Prototype Panel Estimator.

circuit board prototyping

The client list for our prototyping service is comprised of Universities, Government Agencies, Research facilities, Product Development firms and even some garage techs with bright ideas for the future.

When you order the minimum 80 sq in surface area, we can produce your two-layer, Immersion White Tin finished prototype board with a standard five day turn.

Should the time come for a short run production quantity which we can produce in-house or a large run production quantity which we can reliably source for you from our proven off-shore providers, we are here to help.

Prototype orders are an integral step in the development cycle and we are proud to be a part of the process.

If you have an urgent requirement for prototyping in less than our standard lead-times, we can also help. If you need your prototypes in a hurry, provide your files and approval to us by 10:00 AM and we will have your order ready for shipping or pickup within three days or if you really need it yesterday, we can have your order ready for shipping or pickup within thirty or forty-eight hours.

Please give us a call (toll free 855.798.9717) or Send Your File and we will do our best to help.

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