Choose the Right Prototyping Service for You

  • Standard Prototypingfor small quantity 1 or 2 layer PCBs. Includes: 5 day turnaround, top and bottom silkscreen and e-testing, standard.
  • Panel Prototyping - for multiples of 1 and 2 layer PCB designs nested on panels. Includes: 5 day turnaround, top and bottom silkscreen and e-testing, standard for 40 sq in panels, plus the option to expedite to a 3 day turnaround.
  • 4-Layer Prototyping - for small quantity, 4 layer PCBs. for single piece 4 layer PCB. Includes: Top and bottom silkscreen, e-testing and 10 day turnaround standard, with the option to expedite to 6 days 
  • Quick Turn - for 1, 2 and multilayer PCBs for 1, 2 and multi-layer PCBs. Includes: complete customization, with features not included in our prototype services, and standard delivery in just 3 days for most designs.

To view the full list of features offered by each prototype service, visit our Prototyping Information page.

circuit board prototyping

Prototype orders are an integral step in the development cycle and we are proud to be a part of the process.

How to Order

Orders can be placed immediately with your file submission or after receiving your quote. For more infomation follow this How to Order link.

Please give us a call (toll free 855.798.9717) or send your file and we will do our best to help.


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