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    Our ISO 9002 standards specify our boards must conform to IPC-A-600 Class 2.

    Can you reproduce this board?

    Sometimes job files for old boards cannot be found or it was done in the old tape-up days. We can reproduce a board based on a sample only, if it's single or double sided and if all the parts are removed so we can measure the features. We charge PCB design services by the hour though, so it's usually cheaper to lay it out again. It's only cost effective for simple designs.

    Are the articles Omni published in the past still available?

    Yes, over time Omni will be re-publishing the original articles for your reference. You can find them by following this link: Omni Archives.

    What storage and handling conditions does Omni recommend for PCBs?

    Recommendations for PCB storage and handling can be found by following this link: storage and handling.

    What is Omni Circuit Board's DRC Conflict-Free Sourcing Policy?

    The Omni Circuit Board DRC Conflict-Free Sourcing Policy can be downloaded here.

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