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    Frequently Asked Questions - Ordering

    Our ISO 9002 standards specify our boards must conform to IPC-A-600 Class 2.

    How does timing for quick turn jobs work?

    For turns of less than 5 days, it works on a 24 hour basis, so a 3 day turn would be 72 hours, a 2 day turn 48 hours, and a 1 day turn is 30 hours. If we begin production at 11 AM Monday morning for a 2 day turn, the order should be ready by 11 AM Wednesday morning. Weekends do not count as working days.

    What is OMNI's credit policy / can I pay by credit card?

    Yes, Omni does accept payment by Credit Card and our credit terms are as follows:

    1. Terms for first order are Cash in Advance (CIA) for orders greater than $500. Future orders may be Cash on Delivery (COD) or Net 30.
    2. To apply for credit, the customer needs to fill out a Credit Application form. We need three trade references from other suppliers. Rental, Insurance and solicitors are not generally considered trade references.
    3. It takes up to 5 business days to process a Credit application. Incomplete applications will delay the credit process.
    4. If credit is not established when the product is ready for shipment, shipping will be held until credit is approved or payment is received.
    5. Accounts exceeding the granted credit limit must be paid down immediately or the orders in production will be held up.
    6. Past due accounts will revert back to CIA. The customer needs to pay all overdue accounts and any orders which are in production. There is a 2% service charge on overdue accounts.
    7. We accept payment by Visa, M/C, AMEX, Discover or Cheque.

    A $50 service charge is levied on dishonoured cheques.

    Can Omni support me with Offshore Sourcing?

    Yes, when your production quantities increase, we are ready to help with offshore sourcing. Our long-term relationships with offshore sourcing, which is available in White Tin, ENIG finishes, ensures you receive time sensitive, cost effective and quality assured circuit boards right to your door.

    Can Omni provide a Prototyping, "No-Tooling" service which doesn't require Tooling costs?

    Yes, Omni provides a Prototyping service for both boards and panels that meet no-tooling standard parameters.

    Can I calculate the weight of my order to help estimate freight costs?

    A freight weight estimator can be found by following this link:freight estimator.

    Does Omni offer a discount for extended turn deliveries?

    Yes, when you request an extended turn, Omni provides a 5% discount. Contact us for details.

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