Materials and Supply

At Omni, we understand our circuit boards are only as good as the materials we utilize. With over 25 years in the industry, we know the value of working with world class suppliers.

Supporting a finished goods lead-time which is measured in hours demands a robust supply chain network. Fueling our production facility with some of the world’s premier materials sometimes means sourcing directly from Europe, Asia and of course North America. The challenge of balancing holding costs against acquisition costs against time sensitive materials is ongoing.

The cornerstone of our materials acquisition efforts is a simple philosophy: Do not allow materials to be a constraint to manufacturing. Our Lean approach not only demands we only use the very best materials the world has to offer but also the very best suppliers. Two more great reasons to have Omni Circuit Boards supporting you.

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PCB Materials

Copper Clad Laminates

Base Materials      
  FR4 Laminate Nan Ya FR-4-86 Data Sheet
  FR4 Core & Prepreg Nan Ya NP175FTL Data Sheet
  FR4 Dk and Df Table Nan Ya NP175F Data Sheet

High Temperature      
  Polyimide Laminate Isola P96 Data Sheet
  Polyimide Core & Prepreg Isola P26 Data Sheet

High Frequency        
  Hydrocarbon Ceramic Rogers Corp RO4003C Data Sheet
  Rogers Corp RO4003C Product Guide
  Low Loss Laminate Taconic TLY-5 Data Sheet

Screen printing

  Solder Mask Sun Chem Imagecue Data Sheet
  Silkscreen Sun Chem Imagecue Data Sheet

Surface Treatment

  Immersion White Tin Enthone CSN 7001 V2  
  Gold Plating Technic    

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