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    Frequently Asked Questions - Files

    Our ISO 9002 standards specify our boards must conform to IPC-A-600 Class 2.

    How can I transmit files to Omni Circuit Boards?

    Use our file upload form at right. Always PK Zip (.zip) your files into a single file. It's efficient and keeps your files intact.

    What files are needed?

    Please provide a gerber file for each copper layer, each solder mask, and silkcreen. One of the gerber files should have a board outline. A PCB fabrication drawing is helpful, though not necessary. The aperture information associated with each gerber file should be provided. We recommend, but do not require, RS274X format. This format has the aperture information embedded into the gerber file itself.

    We also need an excellon drill file with the associated tool sizes and while a readme.txt file containing all important information is not yet industry standard, it should be. A good example of a downloadable PCB readme.txt file can be found here.

    Finally all of the files need to be provided in a single zip file.

    What Gerber Data Format?

    It is a good idea to tell us your data format for both drill and gerber files in your readme file. Our recommended format is 2.4 leading absolute coordinates for the gerber files, and 2.4 trailing absolute coordinates for the drill file. Set software arcs to "on", vector plotter type, and "no" to G54 data.

    What if I'm designing with AutoCad?

    If you are designing a board in AutoCad and don't have the gerber file add-on, you can export the design into HPGL format. We need the plotter type it was written for and the pen width table. We can also import *.dxf files. It is best to save in AutoCAD 12 format and more efficient to use a layout program to design a board, rather than using AutoCad. AutoCAD files have to have the drill file created in CAD, and the layouts are generally not formatted the same way files from layout software would be. Consequently, building from AutoCAD usually has extra editing charges. A freeware layout program is available here. Functional demo software can often do the job, try our links page.

    What if I'm designing with Cadsoft Eagle?

    We are able to utilize the Gerber files created by Cadsoft Eagle. Just remember to .zip them into a single .zip file for review.

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