Quick-Turn PCB Design Guide

Quick-turn Printed Circuit Boards are our core business providing dependable production quantity services to the product development sector.

PCB Capabilities

For over 25 years, Omni Circuit Boards has been supporting product development firms from prototyping through production. Our quick-turn PCBs are the production quantity services trusted by many to support their production facilities.

Whether your interest is in simple single layer or complex multi-layer applications, we have the solution. The design guide below is the current state of our capabilities.

Please give us a call (toll free 855.798.9717) or Send Your File and we will do our best to help.


Design Guide


  Layers 1 to 12 layers
  Finishes Immersion White Tin, HASL, ENIG
  Laminates FR4 - Standard
  Rogers 400X, CER-10, Polyimide, Arlon by special order
  Board Thicknesses 2 layer: 0.032", 0.062", 0.093", 0.125" standard
   4 layer: 0.016" to 0.125"
  6 layer: 0.030" to 0.125"
    8 layer: 0.040" to 0.125"
    10 layer: 0.050" to 0.125"
  12 layer: 0.060" to 0.125"
  Hole Size Standard: 0.016" on 0.062" material
  Smallest: 0.010"
  Minimum Annular Ring 5 mil
  Minimum printed circuit board size 0.10"x 0.10"
  Maximum printed circuit board size 1-2 layer: 12" x 17"
  4-12 layer: 12" x 16"
  Trace and Space Standard: 7/8 mil
  Smallest: 5/5 mil
  Silkscreen   Black, white or yellow
    5 mil line width resolution
  Solder mask colour LPI Green, white, black, blue or red
  Slots and Cutouts Smallest rout is 0.031"
  Max Copper 4 Oz outer layer
   2 Oz inner layer
  Blind, buried vias Sequential lamination
  Selective Hard Gold Hard gold on nickel
  Fabrication V-score and Tab-route


NPTH (non-plated through holes)  
  Holes > 0.250" Are routed
  Intersecting or overlapping drills Not possible, will be routed
  Possible drill sizes 0.010" to unlimited (all common sizes)
  Smallest drill size (final diameter) 0.010"
  Smallest spacing between drilled holes (drill edge to drill edge) 0.010"
PTH (plated through holes) 0.008" to unlimited (all common sizes)
Routing (non-plated)  
  Available routing diameters 0.0315" up to 0.0940"
  Inner routing Possible
  Smallest radius (inner corners) 0.01575"
  Smallest routed slot width 0.0315"
Solder Mask  
  Solder mask clearance to metal 0.002"
  Smallest solder mask web (round) 0.004"
  Smallest solder mask web (straight) 0.006"
  Smallest text lines 0.006"
  Minimum clearance to unmasked aluminum 0.005"
  Smallest distance between lines 0.005"
  Smallest lines 0.005"
  Smallest text lines 0.005"

Other Services

  Layout Single, Double and Multilayer designs from schematic and BOM
  Gerber Editing To your specification
  Photoplotting to a resolution of 1 mil
  Gerber Generation Scanned or layed out from existing artwork or sample board
  Bare Board Testing On our Speedy flying probe tester

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