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The Hiring Process - External Job Posting

Posted by Paul Jackson on Wed, May 13, 2015 @ 07:30 AM

Constructing an external Job Posting may be one of the least fun tasks but it is one of the most critical in the hiring process.


Make it too vague and you will be spending the next three weeks filtering resumes out of your inbox. Make it too precise and you will find yourself with too few choices. When it comes to creating an external job posting, a few simple rules apply.

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Company Information

You should provide a short paragraph describing your organization. Even if you are legend in your own mind and have an About page which rocks, most candidates probably aren’t keenly aware of your company. Keep it short, keep it snappy and keep it happy. No need to scare anyone just yet.

Job Description

Do take the extended job description you have already created and pare it down to one paragraph with the job title highlighted. As you are describing the position in the posting, try to match the job title with the actual role. I went on a job interview once for a Supply Chain Manager and learned the duties would include purchasing, receiving, stocking, production planning as well as issuing all the components. It turned out the Supply Chain team was a team of one, the person they were trying to hire. Had the role been advertised correctly and it could be demonstrated that the company was interesting, I may have been as well; however, their ploy backfired and I will forever remember the interview as the only one I ever dropped an F bomb in.

Cover Letter

You should request a cover letter. It needs to be little more than why they want to work with your organization but it can provide insight into how well a candidate can take instructions and their attention to detail.


At Omni, our preference is to ask for references up front. If the candidate doesn’t feel it is necessary to include it, the selection process just got easier.

Unless you are hiring for a minimum wage position, it is best to leave salaries out of the Job Posting.


Advertising your job posting is ridiculously simple these days. For most small and medium sized businesses, Craigslist is generally sufficient. The cost of advertising with the large, employment websites can generally be averted unless you are searching for an upper management replacement. Some sites dedicated to technical jobs can be helpful but even then the candidates have probably scoured the Craigslist postings before arriving there.

Hiringinfographic2Placing job postings on your own website poses a number of issues. Candidates are unlikely to find the posting unless they are stalking you or have searched for it from an externally published source. Not maintaining a “Careers” page could give a candidate and potential customers the impression the company is stagnant. As well, constantly posting similar positions could hint at high turnover caused by workplace issues.

A number of companies insist on using contact systems on their websites which force applicants, through a frustratingly unnecessary series of screens, to sign up in order to download resumes and cover letters. These forms are renowned for timing out before you finish or if you miss one mandatory field on any of the screens, it waits until you hit the submit button at the end then forces you to start over, clearing all the information you have entered. I often wondered if the form itself was some sort of intelligent test to weed out the weak. It seems unlikely the HR administrator tried to work through their own on-line process or they would have it and the web designer dismantled.

A carefully constructed job posting can help ensure your team have a wide variety of candidates to choose from and have enough information to take them into the next stage of the process, short listing the candidates.


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