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    Fri, Apr 26, 2013 @ 07:02 AM Omni Team commentary, electrical engineering

    Over the course of a year, our Omni website receives over 900 visits from students and instructors from more than 45 academic institutions located around the world.

    It all started in the early days of the Internet when Omni was one of the very first PCB manufacturers to create an accessible web site. Being one of the early adopters provided us an opportunity to support and collaborate with some of the more prestigious universities on the planet and the tradition carries on today.

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    Throughout the year, we provide technical feedback through our “Let’s Talk” feature and our website is plundered for technical information designing printed circuit boards and insights into PCB manufacturing. At Omni, we can acknowledge we’re still learning too so we look forward to being challenged by students' questions.

    One of the more enjoyable activities we participate in every year is a mad rush to produce PCBs for student projects.

    Student projects typically are not of the complexity we see from some of our more sophisticated communication or product development customers. Often the project materials are standard FR-4; but, occasionally a proactive group will convince Rogers or Isola to provide high-end sample material. And for those looking for the most environmentally friendly printed circuit boards, it’s hard to find a solution with a lower impact than our RoHS compliant Immersion White Tin finish.

    Our view at Omni is: Supporting students today is investing in our own future.

    We do our best to work with students to help them keep within their tight budgets. Our goal is to provide them with high levels of support and service which will help them remember us after they move to R&D firms or get involved in their own start up companies.

    The level of interest we receive from students varies from simple “just let me know when it’s done” to a small dedicated group who want to know about every aspect of the process. Occasionally, a group of students will even want to watch the design they created taking shape on the manufacturing floor. We try our best to ensure everyone receives the level of service they need.

    Most often student projects are left to the very last moment and our quick-turn services make us their most viable source to meet their deadline. As a rule, students are apologetic for the lack of time they have allowed to produce their project. It’s really no different than prototype PCBs we receive from most of the R&D firms we work with. Like the students, their project deadlines loom up faster than anticipated and they have to rely on our service and on-time delivery to help deliver their products.

    Omni Circuit Boards has a long standing tradition of supporting educational institutions. It’s a tradition we plan to continue long into the future.


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