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    Omni Circuit Boards has a tradition of providing relevant information to our customers through articles and newsletters. Long time customers will remember the publication of these items and we present them here for all to enjoy. These gems have been extracted from Omni’s original website and collected together for your education and reading pleasure.

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    For your reference we provide these archival links to our articles and newletters.

    • V-Scoring A review of the fundamentals of v-scoring
    • Final Finishes An overview of available PCB finishes
    • Crosstalk An article on parallelism and crosstalk in pcb designs
    • Vias Design considerations for blind and buried vias are discussed
    • DFM Discussion on pcb designing for manufacturibilty
    • DFM II Further discussion on pcb designing for manufacturibilty
    • Clean Power An article on maintaining clean power in PCB designs
    • Impedance Control Some considerations are offered for designing in impedance control
    • Conductor Spacing The conductor spacing reference chart is provided


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