Aluminum Trace PCB Design Guide

Aluminum Trace PCB resized 700

The development of Aluminum Trace Printed Circuit Boards to-date has been tailored to the technologies requiring it.

Aluminum PCB's have applications in low-temperature (cryogenics), quantum computing, and other leading-edge projects that call for unpackaged chips to be mounted to custom PCB layouts.

Whether your interest is in a mono-metal aluminum wedge wire bonding PCB or low temperature circuit board applications, we have a solution. The design guide below is a current state of our capabilities. Omni Circuit Boards stands ready to further evolve the process to satisfy new requirements.

We are actively seeking advanced commercial and academic partners to unlock the full potential of this technology. We are very interested in collaborating with key partners who can provide the technical challenge to match Omni’s technical advantage.

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Design Guide


  Aluminum thickness 30µm and/or 40µm
  Aluminum alloy 3003 H18
  Base material type FR4
  Bevelling Available
  Counter-sink-holes Available
  Electrical testing Flying Probe
  Jump V-Score Available
  Lead time 10WD standard, expedite available
  Material colour Natural FR4 (Orange)
  Material thickness .005"- .125"
  Maximum operating temperature (Estimated) 110° C
  Minimum operating temperature Absolute Zero
  Trace superconducting temperature range 500 milliKelvin and lower
  Minimum printed circuit board size 0.10"x 0.10"
  Maximum printed circuit board size 12" x 16"
  Panelization Options Singles, tab-routed, v-score
  Quantity Any
  Routing or V-scoring Available
  Silkscreen colour Black, white or yellow
  Silkscreen layer None, top and/or bottom
  Solder mask colour Green, white, black, blue or red
  Surface finish Natural Aluminum


NPTH (non-plated through holes)  
  Holes > 0.250" Are routed
  Intersecting or overlapping drills Not possible, will be routed
  Possible drill sizes 0.010" to unlimited (all common sizes)
  Smallest drill size (final diameter) 0.010"
  Smallest spacing between drilled holes (drill edge to drill edge) 0.010"
PTH (plated through holes) * See notes below
Routing (non-plated)  
  Available routing diameters 0.0315" up to 0.0940"
  Inner routing Possible
  Smallest radius (inner corners) 0.01575"
  Smallest routed slot width 0.0315"
Solder Mask  
  Solder mask clearance to metal 0.002"
  Smallest solder mask web (round) 0.004"
  Smallest solder mask web (straight) 0.006"
  Smallest text lines 0.006"
  Minimum clearance to unmasked aluminum 0.005"
  Smallest distance between lines 0.005"
  Smallest lines 0.005"
  Smallest text lines 0.005"

Fabrication Tolerances

  Base materials RoHS-compliance Standard
  IPC-Standards IPC-A-600 - Class 2, if applicable
  Material thickness tolerances +/-10%
  Max. offset drill centre to centre of reference 0.002"
  Photolithography registration tolerance 0.005"
  Routing tolerance 0.005"
  Smallest annular ring 0.020"
  Smallest pitch 0.010"
  Smallest space distance 30µm aluminum 0.003"
  Smallest space distance 40µm aluminum 0.004"
  Space Width Variability 0.002"
  Smallest trace 0.005"
  Trace Width Variability 0.002"
  UL-approval Not Standard
  V-Score core remaining 0.010"
  V-Score position to aluminum features 0.015"

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